Marv: Your Personal Routine Coach


Marv is here with one simple goal, to make your routines easy, efficient and fun to get through!

Whether it's getting up for that morning routine, going to bed on time or just being productive. Marv will help you with fun guidance and motivation.


  • - Create unlimited custom routines.
  • - Marv knows who you are and speaks to you by name.
  • - Submit phrases for Marv to say and they will appear globally in the app!
  • - New phrases added constantly.
  • - A loveable, friendly and sweet friend to support you through those hard mornings.

Step 1 Work out what you want to do in your routine. Maybe it's workout, eat a healthy breakfast or meditate.

Step 2 Enter the tasks and how long they should take into the app

Step 3 Start the timer and Marv will keep you on track and on time!

Step 4 Enjoy happiness, freedom and eternal bliss.